Review of TheOneSpy Apps for Android, iPhone, PCs & MAC Devices

This tutorial will give you the details about Spying apps and the review of TheOneSpy apps for Android, iPhone, PC, and Mac.

Do you still need to figure out what spy app you should choose? We can understand what you are going through and what you want to do. One of your teens could be a social media addict, or your boy is obsessed with adult content. It is also possible that your tweens love to play multiplayer games on their phones and computers. So, you want to supervise your teens and young children no time ever before. You could be an employer who is trying to monitor their business devices. Well, whoever you are, except stalkers, we are here to do a comprehensive review of TheOneSpy apps for android, iPhone, windows, and MAC devices.

Here is the following review of the top-rated spy products of TheOneSpy. Every product has a legacy, and you may wonder how they are well-equipped, easy to use, and only of its kind.

Review of TheOneSpy Apps

TheOneSpy apps review

TheOneSpy is a spying, monitoring, and tracking service for cell phones and computer devices. It has versatility, well-built and easy-to-use products. You will learn about the spying features for iPhone, Android, Windows, and computers. We also elaborate on OS compatibility, dashboard, chat support, and demonstration. Lets’ discuss TheOneSpy products here in the following.

TheOneSpy – Android spy app Review: Product No.1

Pricing of TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy Android spy software is one of the top-rated monitoring solutions for Android smartphones. It is an application developed considering how a non-specialist can use spy solutions. Spy software for android has many features. They allow you to track it or target devices via many dimensions. Users can spy on voice, text, passcodes, screen, and without appearing on the device. So, users can see any activity in text form or voice form. Further, watching anything that happened on screen would document. Android spy app is a solution that collaborates with all kinds of devices.

What makes TheOneSpy App for android unique from other solutions?

The following things are exceptional, unheard of, and unique in TheOneSpy software:

  • A separate online dashboard that allows users to reset data uploads settings
  • Compatible with the latest android OS devices up to OS version 13.0
  • It also works on android rooted and non-rooted cell phones and tablets.
  • Live android monitoring features that no other spyware has introduced.
  • Offer much platform support. So, you can switch OS to another platform with one-subscription
  • TheOneSpy also offers its TOS Navigation app to spy on android better than ever before
  • Hidden and invisible monitoring application for android phones
  • Impossible to install remotely and physical access is necessary for the users.
  • It works at the back end and always remains hidden by hiding the app icon.

Top Features of Android monitoring software

Features of Android Spy App

Here are the features that have taken TheOneSpy app for android to the next level:

  • Live camera streaming: It can remote control android phone cameras and connect them with TheOneSpy dashboard. Users will get live streaming of android phone surroundings. Users can also share live screens and listen to their surroundings.
  • Live surround listening: It is also a remote control feature that empowers users to live to listen to the phone’s surroundings. It connects the target device microphone with the online dashboard and lets users listen to their surroundings in real time.
  • Live call recording: Android spy software offers a real-time feature for listening to the calls on android. It takes over the target phone; records live incoming and outgoing calls and sends data to the dashboard. Users can download the data and listen to live recorded calls.
  • Live screen recording: In real-time, it records short videos on an android phone screen. Further, it delivers the video data to the TheOneSpy dashboard. Users can download the videos and see every activity on the phone.

The other features of TheOneSpy app for Android:

  • Screenshots
  • Spy on text messages
  • Live GPS location
  • IM’s logs
  • Block messages
  • Screen-time
  • Block calls & internet
  • Password chaser

TheOneSpy app for Android Price& Plans:

Plans & Pricing

The TheOneSpy app offers several subscription plans for android, like XLite Edition and TOS Premium Edition. You can buy it for $25 per month, and for $40 per month respectively.

TheOneSpy iPhone Monitoring Software Review: Product No.2

TheOneSpy iPhone Monitoring

You may have heard of and tried iPhone spy apps that work via iCloud credentials. TheOneSpy iPhone spy app is one of the few apps for iPhone spying that offers a jailbreak solution. So for iPhone monitoring, TheOneSpy does need a jailbreak iOS device. Then you can spy on any iOS device no matter what operating system is running. So, first, you need to jailbreak the target iPhone.

Install the TheOneSpy app for iPhones having physical access to the target device. It will take a few minutes to complete the configuration process. TheOneSpy offers limited features for iPhone monitoring, but all features are productive.

How TheOneSpy iPhone spy solution different & effective than others?

Here are the following unique traits that no iPhone spy app offers yet. Let’s discuss them in the following:

  • The TheOneSpy app for iPhone surveillance can hide the app icon
  • Users can use it in stealth mode and remain hidden all the time
  • It is undetectable spy software for iPhone, and no anti-spyware detects it
  • Works on Jailbreak iPhones and supports all jailbreak iOS devices
  • Don’t subscribe to it unless you have jailbroken target iPhone device
  • It does not offer remote installation or work without the target device
  • Physical access is necessary on the target iPhone device.

Best TheOneSpy features for iPhone spying

Features of TheOneSpy
  • Camera Bug: It is a feature you usually find for android devices, but TheOneSpy has made an exception. Now, you can bug an iPhone camera remotely. Users can take over target iPhone cameras to record their surroundings. Further, send data to the TheOneSpy dashboard.
  • MIC Bug: TheOneSpy is one of the few spy apps for iPhone that can bug an iPhone microphone. So, users can record and listen to the surroundings of the target device.
  • WhatsApp logs: iPhone monitoring application also discovers WhatsApp activity logs. It empowers you to read sent and received text messages, chats, videos, photos, and others.

Other Features of TheOneSpy iPhone spy

  • Contacts List
  • SMS logs
  • Appointments
  • View installed apps
  • iMessages

TheOneSpy Price & Plans for iPhones

iOS Package Premier Pricing

TheOneSpy offers a premier plan for 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months. Users can get the plan for $55, $105, and $125. TheOneSpy is one of the few apps offering a 14-day money-back guarantee to users satisfied with service following the refund policy.

TheOneSpy – Windows spying Application Review: Product No.3

TheOneSpy Windows Monitoring

TheOneSpy Windows spy software offers powerful features to monitor and track target PC without them knowing. Users can install it within a few minutes and use it for legitimate spying, and monitoring purposes. It does require installation with at least one-time access to the target device. There is no such spy service that offers undetectable tracking service for PCs, but TheOneSpy. So, use it for parental controls, and business monitoring activities.

Is there anything in TheOneSpy for Windows which is unique?

  • Yes. The TheOneSpy offers a spy app for windows. It also offers the same features for android and iPhone monitoring.
  • It is also a hidden and undetectable monitoring service for windows laptops and desktops.
  • It also has live and remote monitoring features for windows devices, making it unique.
  • Windows spy software leaves no traces on the target device. Further, it sends logs to the TheOneSpy dashboard.
  • TheOneSpy captures the microphone and front camera of the target windows Laptop device.

TheOneSpy Exclusive Windows spy Features

Features of TheSpyOne Windows Monitoring

Here are the features that you have not seen in any Windows monitoring solution:

  • Surround Recorder: Windows spy has a surround recording solution. It allows users to control the target laptop microphone. Also, make you listen to and record your surroundings. Users can listen to the chats, sounds, and voices.
  • Live screen recorder: Users can record live on any PC or laptop device. You can record short videos and send data to the TheOneSpy dashboard.
  • Computer Camera photos: The spy app captures pictures using the target laptop’s front camera.
  • Windows keylogger: Remotely capture and record keystrokes on a windows device. Using the keylogging feature of TheOneSpy app. Users can see passwords, chats, messages, emails, and other keystrokes.

TheOneSpy app Features for windows Laptops /Desktops

  • Windows tracking location
  • Read Emails
  • Block websites
  • View installed apps
  • Computer Usage reports
  • Screenshots

TheOneSpy app for Windows Price & Plans:

Pricing of TheOneSpy Windows Monitoring

Windows Monitoring software offers a Premier package for 1 month, 3 months, and for 6 months. You can get them for $40, $60, and $80.

TheOneSpy MAC spy Software Review: Product No.4

TheOneSpy Mac Monitoring

TheOneSpy spy app for MAC is a solution that lets you know the apparent dangers to your kids and business. MAC spy app is one of the best services of TheOneSpy. It is as easy to use as its other Android, iPhone, and Windows solutions. Users can get the subscription and take a few minutes to set up the application on the target device. It also needs physical access to the target device to install the application.

What Makes TheOneSpy app for MAC first preference of users?

Here are the few things that have made MAC spy solution a preference of parents and employers:

  • Works secretly on any MAC laptop and desktop device
  • Hide app icon and remains undetectable on MAC
  • Perform every spy activity and remain invisible on MAC
  • The Only app that monitors all the MAC devices
  • Remote installation is not possible at all

TheOneSpy best features for MAC monitoring

  • Block websites: MAC spy app is the best solution that blocks all the websites on any Laptop and desktop MAC device. You have to use the URLs of the websites in the TheOneSpy filters.
  • Screen recording: Users can record and watch the live screen of MAC Laptops and desktop devices. It can record live videos on a mac screen and send them to the dashboard.
  • Screenshots: TheOneSpy app for MAC allows users to schedule screenshots intervals, like 5 seconds, 30, and 45 seconds. Users can download the screenshots to monitor target mac device activities.

Other MAC monitoring app Features

  • Sync settings
  • Key logger
  • Camera Bug
  • MIC Bug

TheOneSpy App for MAC price & Plans:

TheOneSpy Mac Pricing

You can subscribe to the MAC spy app premier package for 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months. You will pay $55, $105, and $125.


TheOneSpy is the best source to monitor and secure all your devices in an easy way. It provides apps that support different Operating systems at a very affordable price. Try the application and you will get the best results compared to other spying and monitoring apps. It comes with very advanced techniques to provide accurate results to the users.

I hope this tutorial helped you to know about the Review of TheOneSpy Apps for Android, iPhone, Pc, and Mac Devices. If you want to say anything, let us know through the comment sections. If you like this article, please share it and follow WhatVwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more Technical tips.

Review of TheOneSpy Apps for Android, iPhone, Pc, and Mac – Review

What is TheOneSpy?

TheOneSpy, without any doubt, is the most admired and demanded cell phone spy and computer monitoring software. Users can use it on Android, iPhones, Windows, and Mac devices to secretly monitor and track the activities done on the targeted machine.

Can I monitor more than one device?

Yes. TheOneSpy empowers you to monitor and track the number of devices. However, you can use the other on your target devices.

Can I use TheOneSpy in the latest version of Android?

Yes. TheOneSpy is compatible with the latest Android version.

Can I record Screen using TheOneSpy?

TheOneSpy allows sharing live screens on Android using its live360 feature.

What are the support hours extended by TOS?

TOS Support is available 24/7 providing presales support via live chat and Customer Support TheOneSpy.

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